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Rodents are serious pests that affect many homes and offices. They need food, water and shelter. Hence, homes turn out to be a perfect spot for infestation. Firstly, they spread diseases and contaminants. Secondly, they have a habit of gnawing at everything they find. Hence, they tend to damage property and furniture. Moreover, they make the environment very noisy. You might tend to hear scratching and gnawing noises from roofs and walls. If you suspect a rodent infestation in your home. It’s time to call professional help. 711 Pest Control Hobart is an expert for any rodent infestations. We provide specialised rodent control Hobart services. All of our rodent control Hobart services are affordable.

We aim to keep homes in Hobart rodent-free. Hence, we will treat the rats in a hassle-free way. Avail of your rat pest control Hobart services today. Contact our team of professional rodent controllers on 03 6351 9890 for more information. 

Types of Rat Extermination Services in Hobart 

  • Norway rats control – Norway rats are destructive. Also, they eat food and spread diseases around. Hence, if you are suspecting a Norway rat infestation, call us today. 
  • House mouse control – House rats are very common. They are tiny mice and are very fast. Hence, proper installation of baits is necessary. Our team of professionals will do the best job. 
  • Black rat control – Black rats are known for the pathogens they carry. For example, they cause bubonic plague, typhus, Weil’s disease and trichinosis. Hence, prevent your home from all these contaminants. Book our rat control treatment today. 
  • Brown rat control – Brown rats spread diseases through their urine. For instance, salmonella, listerias, hantavirus and toxoplasma. Also, they can cause great structural damage. Get rid of brown rats today! 
  • Roof rat control – We offer the best roof rat control in Hobart. As we use specialised services for every type of rat pest. Hence, our mice exterminator Hobart treatments are trustable. Get your quick quotation today. 

The Secret Lives of Rats: Understanding their Habitat, Diet, and Behaviour

The secret lives of rats are often shrouded in mystery, yet understanding their habitat, diet, and behavior is crucial for effective pest control. By delving into the world of rats, we can gain valuable insights into how to prevent and eliminate infestations.

Habitat of Rats

  • Rats are highly adaptable and can be found in a wide range of habitats, including urban, suburban, and rural areas.
  • They commonly live in burrows and nests made of materials like paper, fabric, and vegetation.
  • Rats can also make their homes in areas like attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

Diet of Rats

  • Rats are omnivores and will eat almost anything, including grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, meat, and even garbage.
  • They require a daily source of water and can obtain it from various sources like leaky pipes or outdoor water sources.

Behaviour of Rats

  • Rats are nocturnal, which means they are most active during the night.
  • They are social animals and live in groups, often with a dominant male.
  • Rats are good climbers, swimmers, and jumpers, and can easily move around both indoors and outdoors.
    They have a keen sense of smell and hearing, but poor vision.
  • Rats are intelligent and can learn quickly, making them difficult to catch or control.

Signs of a House Rodent, Rat & Mouse Infestation

  • Foul smell in the house.
  • Droppings in and around the house, particularly in food storage or preparation areas.
  • Evidence of gnawing on wood, plastic, wires, or other materials.
  • Damaged food packaging or containers.
  • Nests made of shredded paper, fabric, or other soft materials.
  • Sightings of live or dead rats in or around the house.
  • Burrows or holes in the ground near the house or in the yard.
  • Tracks or footprints in dusty areas or around food sources.
  • Presence of rats droppings, which are usually small and black
  • Gnaw marks on furniture, walls, and other materials
  • Unusual smells, such as the strong ammonia smell of mouse urine
  • Scratching or rustling noises, especially at night
  • Nests made of shredded materials, such as paper or insulation
  • Holes or gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings that may serve as entry points for mice
  • Damage to electrical wiring

Rats Prevention Tips.

  • Seal all cracks, gaps, and holes in walls and floors to prevent rats from entering the building.
  • Keep food in airtight containers and ensure that all waste is disposed of properly.
  • Clean up food spills and crumbs immediately, and wash dishes soon after use.
  • Keep outdoor garbage cans tightly closed and dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Trim back trees and vegetation to prevent rats from using them to gain access to your home or building.
  • Store firewood at least 30 feet away from your home and 18 inches off the ground.

  • Remove potential nesting sites such as piles of leaves, debris, and unused equipment from around the property.
  • Keep pet food and birdseed stored in secure containers and clean up any spillages.
  • Use metal or thick plastic garbage cans instead of thin plastic or paper bags, which can be chewed through.
  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors to prevent rats from entering the building.

How Can You Prevent Rodents From Your property?

Rodents not only cause diseases but also damage your property. Hence, there are some preventive measures to remove rodent infestation from your house: 

  • Apply seals on the main entrance
  • Put seals on holes, chimneys
  • Install seals on cracks and gaps, outside your house
  • Store foodstuff in airtight boxes 
  • Dispose of waste regularly

Exclusive and Helpful Rodent Control Treatment in Hobart

  • Our rodent control Hobart team uses exclusive methods to get rid of rodents. Moreover, we will use multi-dose treatment for controlling rodents.
  • Our specialist will treat your home just like it is ours by using eco-safe and pests-safe solutions for rodents. 
  • 711 Pest Control Hobart has knowledgeable and licensed experts. Additionally, we are available 7 days a week for rodent control in Hobart. 

Thus, call us at 03 6351 9890 for same-day service. Moreover, you can also discuss solutions for controlling rodents. 

Rodent Pests Can Be Resistive

Rats and mice come under the rodent family. They are quite clever and fast. Hence, it is hard to keep them in check. Safe & effective rodent control solutions like traps and others might not work efficiently. Moreover, rodents tend to breed at a faster rate. Hence, if you want to get rid of rodents permanently. Get professional rat and mice exterminator Hobart services immediately. It is always wise to invest in permanent rodent control Hobart treatments.

Why is Rodent and Mouse Control Important?

Rodent control services in Hobart are considered important for various reasons. It’s the damage they cause to property and health. Here are some pointers on why rodent control is a must. 

  • Firstly, rodents leave their droppings everywhere. This will contaminate all the food and water at your place. Hence, this can cause food poisoning. And also other health issues. 
  • Rodents will cause a lot of disturbance. Thus, they will ruin your peaceful home environment. As they tend to make noises while moving from roofs, wall cavities, voids and subfloors. 
  • They also leave behind a bad odour. Hence, this will decrease the quality of air in your homes. 
  • They chew and gnaw on all objects they find. Therefore, they will damage clothes, cupboards, furniture and walls. 

Try Effective Rodent Control Methods and Procedures for Permanent Results

Firstly, we will treat your home with our exclusive treatment procedure. It includes a step-by-step integrated method. 

  • We will first treat the entry and exit points. For example, roof voids, wall cavities and subfloors. 
  • Then we proceed with a treatment plan. We either use a single-baiting system or multi-dose mice exterminator Hobart treatment. Hence, it depends on the severity of the infestation.  Moreover, we use eco-friendly products and treatment options. For example – dead rat removal, roof catching for rats, rodent baiting and commercial mice control. This will keep your family, pets and kids safe.
  • We will look for dead rats and rodents around. As they can be dangerous to have around. Our team will carefully discard them from your premises.
  • Lastly, we will do a post-inspection on your property. This is done to rule out any rodents left.  

Our Rat Extermination Services are Available All Wide Hobart

Are you a citizen of Hobart looking for reliable rat control? Our team of professionals is the best choice. We service all suburbs within Hobart:- MeadowbankRunnymede, PelhamTarannaWhite Beach, and many more areas. We have served in all areas and locations in Hobart. Moreover, we also provide same-day rat removal services. Hence, call us to book yours today. 

Why Call Our Reliable Rodent Pest Control Experts in Hobart?

Choose our efficient Rat and Mice Control Services in Hobart for the best results. And keep your house protected from harmful rodents. 

  • We have years of experience in the rodent control industry. Hence, you are definitely in safe hands. 
  • Our professional technicians are well-trained. And can treat any type of rodent infestation. 
  • Moreover, all our rat pest control Hobart services are carried out by licensed professionals. Hence, we make sure to include high-quality products. 
  • Importantly, our mice exterminator costs are pretty cheap. You can avail of your rodent removal quotations at a pocket-friendly price with us. 


Is pest control necessary for mice? 

Any type of rodent is capable of damage. Hence, rodent pest control in Hobart is also necessary for mice and rats.

How to control rodents at home?

Good hygiene and regular pest control are necessary to keep rodents in check.

How to get rid of rats in Hobart?

Rats must be treated professionally. Hence, you can call our customer care for quick and effective rat pest control Hobart services.

What is the most effective method to treat rodents?

Rodent proofing and rodent traps are quite effective. Mostly, we use two or three methods for permanent results.