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Before considering the removal of any pest it is important to know if its removal is legal. Because it’s illegal to harm possums without a permit. Their removal can be hard as they can survive in both natural and urban environments. It can get risky to handle opossums as they can attack if they feel threatened. So, it’s beneficial to seek professional help from our Possum Removal Hobart experts. 711 Pest Control Hobart has years of experience in doing possum removals that are safe for both animals and humans. Call us for affordable possum removal in Hobart today!

Possum Removal Hobart

Signs of Possum Infestation

  • Strange noises in the roof or ceiling at night, such as scratching or thumping sounds
  • Possum droppings or urine stains in and around the house or garden
  • Damage to roofs, gutters, and eaves caused by possums accessing the roof or nesting in the roof cavity
  • Damage to trees, gardens, and plants caused by possums feeding on foliage and flowers
  • Sightings of possums around the house or garden, especially at night
  • Unusual smells caused by possum urine or droppings
  • Presence of possums in the chimney or fireplace
  • Evidence of possums using the roof cavity as a toilet
  • Chewed electrical wires, cables or pipes
  • Pet food or garbage being disturbed or raided during the night, which may be a sign of possums looking for food

Here Are Helpful Tips On How To Get Rid Of Possums In Your House

  • Close off or block entrances or openings around the house, including porches, decks and buildings.
  • Removing Possum attractants such as food and water.
  • Apply chemical repellent to your garden.
  • Use electronic repellents to scare possums away.
  • Install special fencing which includes a wire or electric fence, these help in keeping them away from a garden.
  • Trapping possums using a cage and bait.
  • Garbage cans must have tight lids.

Possum Creating A Wreck On Your Lawn? Count On Us For Possum Removal Hobart Services

As we already know it is illegal when it comes to kill possums, we make sure all of our experts follow the states’ law in favour of possums. We are experts in providing Possum Removal Hobart services, with which we solve issues between our clients and possums. Moreover, if you find a dead possum in the ceiling, you will smell an overpowering stench coming from the place. 

As a result, we avail any type of dead possum removal Hobart service for every area across Hobart. We set up the best degree of professionalism and client care as our vision and mission. Moreover, us being in this field for many years now, we know what possum removal cost our clients expect. Hence, come up with treatments that are pocket-saving at the same time as chemical-free methods. In fact, all our experts are trained and certified for their work. Therefore, call us at 03 6351 9890 to avail our possum removal help.

Possums in Your Roof? Here’s What You Need to Do

  • Do not approach or touch the possums as they may feel threatened and become aggressive.
  • Observe the possums from a safe distance and note any potential entry points they may be using to access your property.
  • Secure all potential entry points such as gaps in walls, roofs, and fences to prevent possums from entering your property.
  • Remove any food sources such as pet food or fruit trees that may be attracting possums to your property.
  • Do not attempt to trap or relocate possums on your own as this may be illegal and could harm the possums.
  • Follow local regulations and guidelines regarding possum removal and relocation.
  • Clean up any areas where possums have been present to prevent the spread of disease and parasites.
  • Consider installing motion-activated lights or sprinkler systems to deter possums from entering your property.
  • If you encounter a sick or injured possum, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitation organization for assistance.
  • Contact a licensed pest removal professional to assist with the safe and humane removal of the possums.

Want Possum Removal In Your Hospital? We Avail Both Residential And Commercial Services At Affordable Rates 

Be it in a residential property or a commercial, a possum removal service is equally important. Because possums do not choose only residential places to find their food and shelter but also commercial places. And this way, possums will cause many more widespread impacts on a property than you can expect. But this is when you can call our possum catchers & removal team in Hobart of skilled experts. We can help you with possum removal, be it alive or dead in any sector of the premises.

We help all the premises Hobart-wide from rural to semi-urban and urban localities. To what residential and commercial places are our possum pest control Hobart services available? In residential societies, we come to private homes, buildings, nursing homes, etc. On commercial premises, we are available for hospitals, shopping malls, factories and many more. But if your place is not mentioned here, call us to know if we avail our possum removal services there.

Important Details You Need To Know Why Dead Possum Removal Is Necessary

Whether the possum is already dead or was killed by accident in your place, it is very important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Because the carcass of a possum will decay quickly and will emit a very unpleasant odour around your place. In fact, this foul odour from possums will in turn attract other pests to feed on them. So, it is best to quickly find the dead possum and remove them, but not without the help of dead possum removal Hobart experts.

Getting rid of a dead possum is both unsafe for your health as well as difficult to locate its exact place of death. As a result, it is best if you do not take this duty into your own hands and give it up to expert aid. Because the spread of diseases from possums is very high tularemia and leptospirosis as two. Also, removing the dead possum is important, the same way disposing of it plays a major role. Hence, we bag the possum carcass safely and incinerate them as soon as possible.

Step-By-Step Process We Opt To Follow For Possum Pest Control In Hobart 

To ensure your place is free of any possum and also give fast possum control Hobart service, we follow a certain possum removal treatment. 

  • Inspection For Identification Of Possum Type 

Our possum catcher Hobart team knows that possums wander to any region they might want to if possums are not controlled. Hence, we first inspect the infested property thoroughly to identify what type of possum it is at your place; be it in the attic or in the borrows of a garden. 

  • Plans To Repel And Trap Possums 

Once we identify and confirm the type we find at your place, we will plan a treatment method. However, we proceed with a treatment plan only on the basis of possum numbers and the severity of infestations. In fact, one of our basic methods to get rid of possums is to repel them with natural agents and trap them. 

  • Possum Removal Treatment 

In the last step of possum pest control Hobart service, we keep all the natural repellents such as scents, tastes, etc that possums dislike. Despite these repellents being non-toxic to possums, they will help us to trap them with ease. So, once we complete this process by trapping possums, we will ensure that they are released into safe wildlife. 

Why Our Possum Removal Hobart Services Are Top-Class?

Day in and day out, we get many clients to avail of our possum pest control Hobart services. The reason for this case is as follows:-

  • Free Quotes: In addition to us availing of the affordable possum removal Hobart cost, we give you obligation-free quotes too. 
  • Client-Centric Service: As many people of Hobart may suffer from major possum infestations, we prioritise following a client-centric approach. So, this way we avail both emergency and same-day services. 
  • Flexible Booking Times: Our booking timings will suit your schedule as we have flexible slot booking round the clock. You can book a slot with us even after hours of public holidays and at weekends. 
  • Safe For Kids And Pets: We use eco-friendly solutions that are safe for both kids and pets in addition to adults. Moreover, we give prompt, green and safe possum control Hobart services. 
  • Effective Results: With our possum catcher Hobart experts on duty, you can surely expect effective service results from our side. We can solve any of your possum issues in no time!

In An Emergency Need For Possum Catchers? Call Our Professionals In Hobart 

Although possums dislike coming in contact with humans, they can affect human health in several ways. We covered the entire area of Hobart like- Koonya, Woodstock, Waterloo, Glendevie and other locations. Some of the few possum signs on the human territory are damage to their homes, loud hissing noises, unpleasant odours, etc. So, if you notice any of the mentioned signs, call our possum catcher Hobart team to avail of emergency possum control service. We specialise in tailoring an on-the-spot dead possum removal Hobart service even in case of emergencies. So, get in touch with us right away!

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