How To Catch A Possum?

How To Catch A Possum?

Possums are one of the most mischievous pests you will find in your house. They can enter your house through many entry points. Possums can carry bacteria and germs and also damage your property. It becomes very important to get rid of the possums as soon as possible to prevent your house from many problems. There are several ways by which you can catch a possum. To know in detail about how to catch a possum using homemade remedies read the blog thoroughly. 

How To Catch A Possum

Here Is How To Catch A Possum:

Set A Possum Cage- Setting up a possum cage is one of the best ways to get rid of possums. Before getting a cage make sure you buy a big cage because possums can grow as big as cats and a small cage won’t be a good fit for them. Setting a possum cage can be done by the following steps. 

Step 1- Knowing About The Possum- You must get detailed information about how and where the possums are present in your house. If the possums are frequently found in a particular area. Once you spot the area you can start the process to catch the possum.

Step 2- Place The Trap- Once you know where the possums are frequently roaming in your house, you must place a trap to catch the possum. A possum den can be mostly found near garbage and places where they can easily get access to food. Your roofs are also one of the favourite places for the possums. If the possums live on your roof, you can place the cage at the centre of the roof to catch the possums easily. And if the possums live underneath your house you can place the trap 3 to 5 feet away outside on an even surface. Also, place a brick or any heavy material to prevent the cage from flipping. 

Step 3- Place A Bait- Possums are omnivorous so all types of food will work to catch the possums. You can use apples, marshmallows and sweet bread as bait because they are very good for only attracting possums in your house. Make a trail of food from the entry point to the cage to lead the possums to the cage. Also, make sure the position of the food will force the possum to step on the trigger to close the cage. This is the best step to catch a possum. 

Step 4- Wear Gloves And Place a Blanket Over The Cage- Once the possum is trapped inside the cage you have to relocate it to a new place and for that, you have to wear safety gloves as the possum can bite you and placing a blanket over the cage is even more helpful because it will give you double protection. While lifting the cage keep it away from your feet and make sure to wear heavy gloves that are of good company and can protect you in case the possums bite in their defence. 

Step 5-Relocate The Possum- Firstly place a piece of paper below the cage wherever you are putting the cage and then take them far away from your place. You can contact the wildlife management agency to find a safe place where you can leave them but make sure the area is not more than 150 metres away from your house to ensure the survival of possum without any problem. You should relocate them to a place where they can find their natural habitat including trees and plants.

Step 6- Release The Possum- Once you reach the area, you can slowly open the cage by standing a bit far from it. Let the possum get out and wait for some time. If the possum looks at you after you release it, you can make a predator sound like a bear or a dog to scare it away and then you can leave from there. The best place to leave a possum is near trees and plants. This is the final step of how to catch a possum. 

Call Professionals- If You Do Not Want To Follow Given How To Catch A Possum Steps 

In case you feel uncomfortable catching and relocating the possums by yourself, you can hire professionals to do this job. This will make your work easy. Professionals can easily catch possums using the best techniques they have. 
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